This is not lancia la sua decima uscita

This is not is glad to presents Ham Sequence, the 10th release of his label signed by
Marco Dassi & we.amps, both milestones and pillars of the Italian project.
The EP is made by four tracks which are Breathless, Childhood, Ak47 and Ham Sequence, which gives the name of the EP.
Marco Dassi & we.amps – Ham Sequence
The track is quite fast and pressing, the rhythm is punctuated by drums and bongos with clear influences from the tribal and Detroit world. These, together with the energetic acid sounds, create a clear and irrepressible desire to dance.
Marco Dassi & we.amps – Ak47
Ak47 is pure rhythm, the organ is perfectly alternates with break and hip-hop rhythms, the melancholic melody accompanies the track along the arrangement opening the path to a powerful organic bass line.
Marco Dassi – Childhood
With pressing and fast rhythm Childhood doesn’t give a break. The drums combined with strings and claps are blended harmoniously creating balance between the instruments that seem to dance with each other, all together.
we.amps – Breathless
Breathless has defined and continuous bass, the variation between percussive sound and cymbal elements generate a great energy and desire to dance for anyone. A deep vocal punctuates the arrangement giving no time to breath but “excuses” for jumping.